What is Belek?

Belek is a small town next to Antalya. In 80’s the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey decided to turn this area into a new touristic center. Since those times Belek became a golf destination number one in Europe and it has the yearly amount of visitors (golf-, beach-, eco-tourism, etc.) about 1.700.000 persons.

What is Belek?

Other than fancy hotels and golf courses, the centrum of Belek still is just a little lovely town, covered with fragrant flowers of all colors and filled with beautiful fountains. At nightfall, the city lights up with the colorful garlands and shimmering fountains lights – it’s like a neverending Christmas in here!

Belek has an excellent location, it is very accessible. It’s only in 25 minutes driving from International Airport of Antalya which is open for direct flights from all major cities of Europe round the year.

Due to the unique climate, Belek has up to 300 sunny days per year. Which means that touristic season is year-round open. And the golf courses are all located next to each other within 5 up to 10 minutes driving.

Apart from golf, how else can you entertain yourself in Belek?

Well, Belek has many kilometers of sandy beaches, awarded with Blue Flags (the guarantee of clean and safe water). Besides, Belek surrounded by historical places, National parks, waterfalls, canyons, caves. You can reach Antalya old town in 40 minutes.

​Besides great ecology and rich history, it is a very fast-developing region. New roads, hotels, net supermarkets, restaurants and so on opens yearly and attracts more and more investors. 

What is Belek Waterfall?
Upper Duden Waterfall

And the most fun place of whole Antalya is The Land of Legends Theme park. It’s like another world: water and theme park, shopping avenue, hotel, show arena, Chapito circus, dolphin show, plenty of cafes and restaurants, free evening shows, dancing fountains and so on.

LandOf Legends in Belek
The Land Of Legends

In Belek there are 11 supermarkets (budget and high-end class), plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes and each Saturday there is a bazaar market. This town is a great place for permanent living as well as for buying property for investment purposes.

Every year Belek hosts many sportives events: Iron Man, Turkish Airline Golf Opening Tournament, bicycle racings, the football team winter camps, International ballroom dance competitions, taekwondo international competition and many many things else.

And each season brings lots of fun. On the streets of Belek you can run into one of your favorite football players, or even entire team, you can attend a Golf tournament as a volunteer, you can let your kid feel himself an Iron Man, or you can just get a bike tour and groove to the wild nature of Taurus mountains…

Is Belek the right place for investments?

Belek IS the right place for profitable Investment. In the last 5 years, the number of supermarkets grew from 3 to 11. Here were constructed 3 huge hotel complexes: magnificent The Land Of Legends, Gloria Sports Arena and pretty massive Granada Hotel; This year Gloria group accomplished the construction of the large convention center. The consumption of electro energy has riced so the government had to supply an additional power station. Obviously the region is growing, bringing more clients, bringing new opportunities.

Once again, pleasant weather most of the time of year, exceptional facilities and proximity to the airport make our tourist season year-round. So, if you are thinking of buying a home in Turkey, I strongly recommend you to consider Belek. 🙂 And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone from our team.

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