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11 лучших мест, где можно поесть в Белеке [с картами]

Итак, чем же вкусненьким побаловать себя в Белеке туристам и экспатам? Не секрет, что в Турции процветает Культ Еды. Современная турецкая кухня основана на дворцовой кухне Османских правителей, которая представляет собой идеальное сочетание греческой, среднеазиатской, кавказской, еврейской, ближневосточной и балканской кухонь. Все эти бесчисленные холодные и горячие закуски – мезе, всевозможные шашлыки и кебабы, турецкая пицца – пиде, пахлава, хельва на десерт … И так далее, и тому подобное … Но это еще не все! В Белеке вы также найдете европейские рестораны и рестораны с морепродуктами, и лучший индийский ресторан в Анталии, и любимый всеми детьми в мире – Burger King.

Прежде чем начать, позвольте мне уточнить: это не рейтинговый пост. Тут перечислены места, которые мы любим, и все они разные, и в каждом есть наши любимые блюда. Цифры тут просто для перечисления, а не как оценить. Теперь к делу:

1. ISTANBUL Ресторан и кафе: европейская кухня.

One of the best restaurants in the city! Each dish is super tasty,  prepared from scratch, without pre-cooking. We have a few favorite dishes here! It serves the best steaks, juicy shrimps in a creamy garlic sauce and the most delicious Belgian fries on the coast. They also have proper English breakfast and a very fun Thursday’s Karaoke nights.
You can visit the Istanbul Restaurant for daily eat in Belek.

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Турецкая кухня – Адана Кебаб

2. Pinokyo : итальянская кухня, паста, джелато.

Restaurant of Italian cuisine, serving delicious pasta and lasagna, and real homemade ice cream. Large portions, the freshest products, a pleasant atmosphere, and friendly owners – what else are you looking for? Their wonderful garden is filled with scents of night flowers at sunset.
Highly recommend.

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3. The Aroma Restaurant: Аутентичный восточный ресторан.

The chef is from Srilanka and he cooks really delicious far Eastern food.
Each Friday they have an open buffet Indian food night (50 TL per person). 
Curry, garam masala and mango lassi… The customers from Antalya, Kemer, and Alanya coming to Kadriye especially to have dinner in this restaurant.

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4. Sunset Restaurant: старейший ресторан Белека.

Literally that is the oldest restaurant in Belek. Locals jokes, that first there was The Sunset restaurant and then Belek has formed around it. Sunset offers nice food, there are always people but… watch the bill! They have a few versions of the menu, you will find a difference just in prices. The Turkish version is cheapest for eat in Belek 😉

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5. Belek Beach Ocakbasi: Турецкая кухня.

The restaurant at the municipal beach.Wonderful Turkish cuisine: pide, lahmacun, kebabs, shish kebabs, meze … there is everything very delicious. Not expensive. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides, it has a sea view and evening, live music band. Isn’t it great that you can have your meal without leaving the beach? Our favorite here is Mixed Grill with a selection of kebab, shish, chicken wing, etc.

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Турецкая кухня Ocakbasi

6. Tuwana: Всегда отличный вариант.

This is a lifesaver 🙂 They cook very delicious traditional Turkish dishes: kebap, shish, pide. Very fast delivery! They not actually English speaking but they have a takeaway menu with pictures (And they got used to the foreign accents 🙂

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Турецкая пицца – пиде

7. Belek Balik Evi: рыбный ресторан.

There are two “Balık Evi” fish restaurants in Belek. One is on the municipal beach, the other is in the city center on the main road. Both places serve delicious fish and seafood and a wide variety of meze starters. Prices are moderate. Without alcohol even cheap. Best for dinners, daytime there might be no chief cook so food could be so so.

📍 Go to Belek Balik Evi in Center
📍 Go to Belek Balik Evi in Beach

8. Deniz Restaurant: Европейская кухня

Here are very tasty steaks and seafood. This restaurant is famous and popular, not a bad alternative to Istanbul. Moreover, these places are located next to each other. European food, clients mostly Europeans.

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9. Yaz Restaurant: отличная курица

Delicious Turkish food. Have you ever eaten a chicken cooked in such a way that it is taste exactly like pork rib? Try their “Chicken kelebek”! Salads, pide, and pizza, casseroles… all is very, very nice! Everything is cooked in a wood fire oven.

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10. BURGER KING: Fast food, бургеры.

If you want to have quick ordinary food but not kebab something… One of the World’s most popular fast-food chains opened a branch for eat in Belek. Delicious burgers are made of high-quality ground beef on the open fire grill. Also, there are juicy chicken nuggets with a hint of curry, crispy, crispy onion rings, soft ice cream, and other fast food snacks.

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11. The 19th Hole Bar: как в Великобритании

Full English breakfast and Fish&Chips, few curries, beer, and game translation. This is a place of gathering for UK people.

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Как видите, голодными в Белеке вы не останетесь. 🙂 Есть много и других мест, но я в этом списке только те, куда мы ходим сами: семьей, где мы встречаемся с друзьями и с другими членами команды TPC.

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