Retire to Turkey

How Can I Retire to Turkey?

The interest in Turkey as the country for retirement growing year after year. Wonderful climate with short winters and long summers, reasonable life coast, developed health care, quality community, and plenty of attraction places make Turkey a perfect picture of a safe paradise.

10 Reasons to Retire to Turkey

  1. Gorgeous Climate

This is especially applicable to the Antalya region with its mild short winters and beautifully long summers. Here we have warm seasons March till July and September till November; hot season July-August; and cold(-ish) 3 months December, January, February.

  1. Reasonable Cost of Living

When in Europe your buying stuffs with Euros, in Turkey you pay in Turkish liras (TL). The exchange rate of TL makes your living cost here a very good value for money. I wouldn’t say it is cheap, but most things are pretty much cheaper than in Europe, the UK, or the US.

  1. Easy Obtaining Residency Permit Procedure and Citizenship Programs

If you buy a property in Turkey, you can apply for a residence permit (ikametgah) for 2 years. You can get a timeless residency after 8 years of living in Turkey. Or you can apply for citizenship after 8 years of living in Turkey. You can also apply for Turkish citizenship directly after purchasing a property in Turkey for 250.000 USD.

  1. Turkish Hospitality

Standing in between Europe and Asia Turkey welcomes all! Here you can feel comfortable whether you are an open-minded or modest person. People of any religion and any color will find a big welcome here.

  1. Developed healthcare

Turkey has a very developed healthcare system and it is one of the world-famous destinations for medical truism.  If you are over 65 years old you are not obliged to take out Turkish health insurance, however, we advise you to get insured. Please read our blog Healthcare in Turkey.

  1. Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is a brilliant blend of Mediterranean, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Armenian and Balkan cuisines. Who doesn’t know the famous Turkish kebab?! Turkish breakfast is a legend. And of course, Turkish food includes the usage of the best quality extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Development transportation and comfortable roads

The roads in Turkey have gone through an enormous transformation in the last 10 years. Spacious highways and multi-level road junctions, tunnels, bridges were laid. There is a very convenient public transport system here. You can easily travel around the country by car, by train, by bus, by plane. Major cities have metro, metrobuses, and trams.

  1. History and Mythology

Turkey has many UNESCO world heritage sites, holly, and mythical places. Turkey is an archaeological paradise with all those well preserved ancient cities, amphitheaters, etc. The mysterious kingdom of the Hittites, Alexander the Great, the holy apostles, and the Virgin Mary herself, Saint Nicholas… You can touch the footprints of legendary people!

  1. Architecture

Turkey is filled with architectural wonders referred to the different historical eras:  underground and cave cities of Cappadocia, Istanbul treasures like Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace and “Blue Mosque”, etc.

Almost every city in Turkey has its own charm and unique architecture with elements characteristic of a particular area.

  1. Nature of Turkey

I can talk endlessly about the beauty of Turkey. Welcoming beaches of the South, crazy landscapes of Central Anatolia, lush forests of the north, stunning mountains of the East, stunning rocky shores of the West, specially designed by Nature to host amazing sunsets.

İstanbul - Retire To Turkey

The Best Place To Retire to Turkey

  1. Antalya region: Kas, Kalkan, Kemer, Antalya city, Belek, Side, Alanya

The south coast yearly attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere meets a great selection of beaches: stones, fine sand, rocks, quartz sand; and different options for settlement: big cities, villages, towns, suburbs.

Here you may expect good sunny weather from mid-March till mid-November.

  1. Fethiye Region: Fethiye, Hisaronu, Oludeniz, Altinkum, Uzumlu, Marmaris, Bodrum

This region is full of retirees from Europe and the UK. Most probably you’ve already heard of Hisaronu and Ovacik with their turquoise beaches, laidback lifestyle, and bustling nightlife. But there is so much more! Hidden mountain village Uzumlu, crazy Bodrum, dancing Marmaris, and so on mixed with old castles and ancient amphitheaters.

  1. Istanbul

Turkish people say that Istanbul is a horrible place to live in but only if you have to work there. Traffic jams can really make people crazy. But if you are not having any duties and not tied to working hours Istanbul is amazing!

Wonderful palaces, incredible oriental markets, bar streets, parks, and… oh, and when some cities have the rivers in the middle, Istanbul has a sea!

The Most Common  2 Questions for Retire to Turkey

  • Turkey is a Muslim country, so is it safe for Christians?
  1. Firstly, in Turkey, religion and government are separated. Actually, there are many Christian pilgrimage destinations in Turkey like St. Nicolas church in Mirra, the house of Virgin Mary in Ephesus, the first monasteries in world history were created in Cappadocia, etc.
  2. Besides, Turkey was a centrum of Ottoman Empires – the blend of cultures and civilizations.
  3. And you should know that for Turkish people it is most important who you are and they don’t mind much where you came from.
  4. Each city of Turkey has established ex-pats communities, interests’ clubs, compounds societies, etc.
  • How can I retire to Turkey?
  1. Find a place to live.

You can buy a house in Turkey or rent a place for the long term. Then you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.

  1. Think about how you going to receive your retirement payments (or/and rental payments from your property abroad) here in Turkey.

You will definitely need a bank account in Turkey or else you will not be able to pay online in most of the internet shops neither put a standing order to the utilities.

  1. Get insured.

Believe our experience, good private insurance is a guaranty of excellent treatment and your relaxed and safe life in Turkey.

  1. Get your staying permit.

This is an easy procedure, a big part of it will be done online but it is required your presence to receive the IKAMET – residency permit card. You can always get assistance from our agent for a reasonable fee: feeling the forms, sending them, follow up, deliver you to the government office to receive them.




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