Market in Belek

Saturday’s Bazaar Market in Belek

Each Saturday Belek hosts a real eastern market when half of Belek is turning into the real traditional Turkish bazaar. So what can you buy? Where is the location of the market in Belek? And how to reach it?

To find the market is very easy. You just need to come to the central Belek mosque. It is a central point of the bazaar. So remember this good: to find the bazaar = to find the mosque. ( Data for navigation @36.863444,31.057432)

What do they sell on the Belek Market?

The market divided into 2 sections: Foods and Goods.

Foods. Here you can buy anything you’d need like the freshest fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese, eggs, olives, Turkish delight, nuts, dry fruits, tea and many things else.

Goods. Everything that you might need for your vocations or for permanent living, from the clothes and house supplies to the home textile, kitchen tools, souvenirs, and so on.

From the mosque, the food part will be from your right shoulder, if you are standing with your back to the mosque. The other side, from your left shoulder, is all about bags, clothes, accessories, sunglasses, etc.

NOTE: My experience. All the clothes, bags, souvenirs and so on are cheaper at the market than in the shops.

The market street will lead you right to the Sun Set restaurant where you can spend a pleasant time and rest your feet.

Bazaar Market in Belek

Belek Bazaar

NOTE 1:  If you stay in Belek for long or have a house here, you’d better buy a market carriage. Believe me, you will need it! Why?

  1. Because we have seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round.
  2. Because we have great watermelons all summer.
  3. Because we have super delicious fruits and vegetables… and everything fresh and looks so juicy! So once you shop, you can’t stop. The carriage will protect your back from aching after shopping.

NOTE 2: The symbol of Antalya is orange. The orange gardens are everywhere. The citrus’s season is in December but, of course, it’s on the market all year round. So, the second thing to buy is a good juicer. In Belek, you will need it all 365 days. You will use it for pomegranate as well. But get manual, not electric. It does a glass of juice in seconds.

Bazaar Market in Belek

Belek Bazaar – Tulum Peynir.

At the market, there are several vendors who sell olives, honey, and cheese. The selection is really impressive! Some of the cheeses look a bit scary 🙂
Like for example Tulum cheese (“cheese in the jumpsuit”) – salty goat cheese.

Bazaar Market in Belek

Also, you can have a nice snack at the market – a traditional Turkish flatbread named Gozleme. You can have it with cottage cheese, spinach or potatoes. In the last couple of years, it became fancy to make sweet Gozleme.

Interesting fact: The direct translation of Gözleme is “a bread with eyes”. People say it is because when you bake it in the pan “saç tava” (like upside-down wok) it became covered with black spots, that look like Turkish brown eyes. 🙂

Get a bit of the dry fruits and nuts to polish the deal. 🙂 Or you can go for Turkish delight, it is always a great choice. 

NOTE: As for the non-food section, here you can buy all the fake brands, same, like in local shops but cheaper. Pay attention to no-name Turkish jeans and jean-jackets. You can find some very good quality clothes with a very cool design.

Also, What can you eat in Belek for a daily or touristic visit? Please visit to Eat in Belek Blog Post.

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Have a great time in Belek.

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