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Koprucay Guide | River with Bridge

Koprucay, ancient Eurymedon is a river that is situated in Antalya Province, Turkey, and empties into the Mediterranean. We are giving some information about Koprucay. The narrow and deep canyons of Isparta gave birth to the beautiful river with the poetic name Eurymedon. Now it called Koprucay – “A River with bridge”. And so the canyon was also named Koprulu.

Koprucay History

Interesting that there are two ancient bridges on the river. But the most famous bridge is the one that gave a name to the river and the canyon, the Oluk bridge. Oluk bridge used to be a very important bridge. It was connecting the great ancient cities Selge and Pednelissos of Pisidia and Aspendos and Side of Pamphylia. Literally, it was a connection between two civilizations.

Down the river, there is another bridge that meant to connect Aspendos and Side cities, it called Belkıs (Koprucay) bridge. It has seven arches, the largest arch is 17 m high! It was built by the Romans in the 4th century and was able to survive until the present day. The swift flow of the Koprucay river runs from the Taurus Mountains to the area near Serik city and goes right into the sea behind Bogazkent village. The river is fed with karst waters. That makes it always full and suitable for rafting round the year.

What’s waiting for you in Koprucay?

  • Between Bolasan village and Beşkonak town there is Cayın Canyon Valley, it has been declared as Koprulu Canyon National Park and it hosts a good amount of picnic, fishing, and camping places. You will find there car parking, toilets and shower cabins, rooms to stay overnight, and the lovely platforms for your tents. Some of the places have natural pools with ice-cold mountain water.
  • The restaurant serves delicious and fresh local food at the pool. The patio is an ensemble of square wooden platforms made in traditional Turkish style covered with rugs and pillows with a shallow table in the middle. It is so nice to take off the shoes and lie down next to the waterfall enjoying the sun and the soft sound of water. For more privacy, you can choose a lounge cabin. It’s the same platform with rugs and pillows but it has curtains. In any river restaurant, you can try a very famous local dish of this area: a wine leaves wrapped trout baked on the open fire grill. Usually, it served with a large portion of fresh salad, spicy tomato paste, and yogurt, next to a minimum of 2 bread loaves! Turkish people consume an incredible amount of white bread!
  • Turkey is famous for its traditional breakfasts. And nearly each river restaurant serves a Great Sunday Turkish Breakfast (serpme kahvalti) with local cheeses, eggs, jams, honey, olives, and vegetables accompanied by several types of pastries.
  • Kids having a great time thereby feeding the ducks. 
  • As for rafting, Koprulu Canyon is one of the best places for rafting in entire Turkey. We are so lucky that it is just half an hour driving from Belek! As you see, here you can spend all day long: rafting, fishing, swimming, sunbathing, hiking and so on and so on.

    Note: Please mind that one side of the river is mainly all about rafting and another has all those natural pools and waterfalls. But delicious fish and lots of fun are on both sides.

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