How To Decorate Home in Turkey?

How to Decorate Home in Turkey?

When you are buying a property in Turkey there’s always this question “How to Decorate Home in Turkey?“.

There are so many homeowners still loading their luggage with thousands of necessary things from their homeland, and all poor family members have to carry tones of heavy bags. No need to torture yourself! There are lots of shops full of lovely, quality goods. We will guide you to the best shopping!

Please note: TPC Real Estates does not get the commission for your purchases in the shops! We are always ready to help you and show you around absolutely FREE! We will help you to track your deliveries as well.


First of all, you can buy all that you need from IKEA. They have All that you got used to in your country!

IKEA-Turkey: https://www.ikea.com.tr/en/

For our developments, the TPC construction team is working in collaboration with IKEA‘s interior design department. Our architect sends a detailed project of the house, and the IKEA team sends back the option within the agreed budget.

If you’d like to shop for yourself, we have a branch of IKEA in Antalya. Same as back home. You are able to reach it by our regular public bus “Bogazkent-Antalya Meydan” in half an hour. It’s connected with the AGORA shopping mall. Where you can visit some really good shops with home decorations: MUDO Concept, Paşabahçe, Chakra


Your second destination is KOÇTAŞ and BANIO.



Both of these shops have websites, but it is quite difficult to make an online order with zero Turkish. No worries, both shops just in 35 minutes by bus or car away from Belek and right next to each other.

You can buy whatever you need for your home here: white goods, furniture, decoration materials, sanitary ware, home textile, house and garden plants and so on and etc.  Delivery at a reasonable price. Also, you can order the assembly and installation of your purchase.

Address: Antalya, Aspendos Bulvarı No:114 and 112 


As for home textile and decorations, there are to shops worth to mention:
English Home and Madame Coco 

Here you will find good quality of home textile, decorative elements, carpets, kitchen supplies, home clothes, house fragrances. All that you need to make your place super cozy and comfy. Great prices and non-stop discounts.

As you may guess from the names, one shop offers the goods in the Oldschool British style and another more like Provance style.




That’s my favorite shop: Brilliant selection of furniture, high-quality house decor. You can catch some really good deals in discount times or for unique items and series end. The minus is: it is not really comfortable to reach by public transportation. If you have a car, the road will take about 45 minutes.

English version of the website is here: https://tmall.com.tr/en/


Beautiful furniture shop in Serik. It right by the city entrance, so you won’t miss it. 


Of course, there are many more shops at your service, I just mention the main shopping points – chain shops. You will buy some authentic goods from one of the oriental bazaars for the final touch. With the time you will even start to shop for everything online as a real local: http://www.hepsiburada.com/

https://www.n11.com/, https://www.gittigidiyor.com/

And remember, we are always there to assist you.

If you want to redecorate or refurbish your home please don’t hesitate to request our “furniture package” and “white goods package” offers. And another one tip for you: if you need a refurbishment you can always request a FREE consultancy of our architect and engineer. We will help you to create your dream house!
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