TPC Residency Permit

How Obtaining A Residency Permit In Turkey

There is a common belief that obtaining a residency permit in Turkey is complicated. Well, it is not! Actually, it is quite simple and fast. Here we will give you a full description of how to obtain a Turkish residency permit (ikamet) without stress.

What is İkamet for a Residency Permit in Turkey?

Ikamet is your ID card in Turkey. It can be issued for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years when extending a tourist visa. The specific period of validity of ikamet is determined by state services. You can request a residency permit for several reasons: tourism, study, work, and real estate purchase; marriage to a Turkish citizen and stay on a yacht in the waters of the country, etc.

Where to start?

You need to make an application on the official website of The General Directorate of the Migration Service of Turkey.

Attention! There is only one website:  https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/

You may find plenty of websites that will offer to apply on your behalf for the residency permit. These are consultants, not the official site! Somewhere on the page, you will find small writing in Turkish: Provides Consultancy Service for Immigration Residence Appointment Procedures.


1 Completed Residency Permit Application Form

  1. Passport: original and a color copy of passport substitute document (pages containing the identity

information and the page containing the photo and processed pages)

  1. Four biometric photos
  2. The declaration which states that financial capacity is to be provided sufficiently and regularly throughout the stay (about $ 500 per month) – an extract from a Turkish bank on the presence of an account with a positive balance
  3. Valid health insurance
  4. apartment lease agreement or documents on the purchase of a real estate in Turkey – with a notarized power of attorney;

When the electronic application is completed, you need to choose a convenient day for an appointment, when you should bring a ready-made set of documents. You also need to save and print the completed application form.

This year’s regulation. Quote from the official website.

“Within the scope of preventive measures taken in combating the COVID-19 Pandemic, HES Code Obligation has been imposed for entering the service buildings of Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, and you are kindly requested to obtain the HES Code before you go to the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management on your appointment date”.

Final step.

At the chosen time, you must appear at the appointed meeting with the prepared documents. After the rendezvous, the migration service will decide the issue of issuing a residence permit. The wait for a decision usually lasts from two weeks to three months. If the decision is positive, the ikamet will be delivered to your home at the address indicated in the application form.

Please note! That ikamet binds you to a specific place of residence. If you decide to move, you will have to issue a new ikamet again.

What Can Make This Procedure Longer?

  • Changing the date
  • Not completing the form on time.
  • Not following requirements

Can I get assistance in arranging the application?

Yes, of course. We can offer you an independent full-service assistant. He will fill all the forms for you, arrange all necessary documents, make an appointment, and deliver you to the appointed meeting.

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