Rentals in Turkey

Holiday Rentals in Turkey

When you plan your trip to Turkey, it’s up to you to decide whether to book a package tour or a self-catering option. Holiday rentals in Turkey are very developed and very convenient.

When you are going to the hotel with an all-inclusive system you have it all paid: flights, transfer, guide, room, food and drinks, insurance and so on. That is a great option if you are coming for 5-7 days! It is a great option if your plan is to plant yourself in the bar by the pool and get grilled under the sun for the entire holidays. But if you want more than that, if you want to have a long, active, eventful vacation, then you have to consider holiday rentals in Turkey.

So what are the benefits of vacation rentals in Turkey?

Advantages Of Renting Holiday Property in Turkey

You can customize your trip.

Most of the package tours are set as 5-7-10-12-14 day trips (according to the flights’ schedule). Being an independent traveler allows you to choose the dates and customize your own trip. Schedule as you like. Combine different flight options, spend long vocations – it is all up to you.

The International Airport of Antalya serving direct flights from/to the major cities in the UK and Europe round the year. That makes the Antalya region very accessible and vacations here so tempting.

The rules of Turkey allows you to stay without a visa up to 2-3 month (depends on your country) and the procedure of obtaining a tourist visa is very easy. You can have a really long holiday by the sea.

Food experience.

Turkey is a country with world-famous cuisine so who to not explore it? Turkish people take food very seriously, the taste and quality of every dish are just beyond. Whether you eat outside or cook at home, your meal will be super delicious. Besides, it will cost you less than similar food in the UK or Europe.

You are not tied to the meal hours, you are not going to eat standard menu day after day. Have fun, try real doner kebab, islak burger (wet burger, literary wet!), get menemen for the breakfast (omelet with veggies), try different things, you will enjoy it!

By the way, Turkish wines are really good, some of them awarded with medals on the international fairs. Include tourists’ favorite fruity wines made of real fruit juice.

Explore the country.


Turkey is a country with a great history and beautiful nature. There are so many things to see and so many places to go to. You may rent a car at the airport and spend your holidays in the action. What can you see:

The charm of antiquity ruins of the ancient cities and medieval cities,

Magnificent nature caves, mountains, waterfalls, forests, bays, azure sea, etc.

– World Wonders such as Pamukkale (mountain with snow-white salt bowls and hot springs) and Kapadokia (incredible stone landscapes, troglodyte dwellings),

– Outdoor adventure rafting, diving, snorkeling, cycling, camping, etc.

– A fun time for the whole family golf in Belek, water parks, aquarium, The Land Of Legends, cable cars, shopping, etc.

If you don’t feel like driving, you always can purchase short tours from street tourist agencies. Turkey has a very convenient public transportation and private transfer companies.


Skip hundreds of people in the hotel, get more space for yourself. Of course, renting a private pool villa gives you ultimate privacy. But renting an apartment gives you a lovely cozy feeling as well. It’s like a second home but a more sunny one.

Economic benefit.

The hotel prices go really high in the summer season. Rentals in Turkey house is a good alternative, especially for big families and groups of friends. Depend on the accommodation type, the average cost is about 12.5-20 Euros per person per night. Besides, there is always a chance to catch a bargain deal!

Turkey is not a chip country, but the average cost of living here is significantly lower than in the UK and EU. Many tourists having their meals outside without harm to their budget. And cooking yourself will surely be even more pleasant for your pocket.

How to Choose where to rent?

  1. Check how far is an Airport. Will you be able to spend 2-3 hours on the road after your flight?
  2. Check if the beach is suitable for you. For example
    • Alanya – thick sand beaches
    • Belek and Lara – sandy shallow beach
    • Konyaalti and Kemer – stones
    • Side – very fine brown sand and very shallow
  3. How far is the action: shops, supermarket, sea, city center, etc. If you rent a car – forget this question
  4. What is included in the price? You have to know the final sum when you’re booking.
  5. How clean is this place? Our personal experience: first of all, have a look at the bathroom pictures.
  6. Read the reviews. See other people’s experiences.
  7. Check the attraction points around.

Imagine your perfect vacation. What would you like to do? What would you like to see? You can set your trip according to your expectations.

What else you should know?

Don’t forget to buy Travel Insurance! We wish you won’t need it but we insist you have it. If you are not insured and (God forbid) you’ll have a health issue during your vacation, the medical help will cost you a lot. So please don’t spoil your holiday, get precautions.

Have fun, sunny, tasty, wonderful, safe holidays! Turkey welcomes you!

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