Medication While on Holiday in Turkey

Healthcare In Turkey For Tourists And Expats.

When you are on Holiday in Turkey, you want to be sure that your health is in good hands. Well, Turkey has a very developed medical sector.

Did you know that Turkey is in the TOP 10 best destinations for medical services in the world? Last year (2019) Turkey received 800,000 medical tourists! Doctors working in leading clinics are trained in the best clinics in the world, new medical technologies in various fields of medicine, including oncology, are available at your service.

High-quality modern treatment, that was only available in Europe, Israel, and the United States, is now at your service in Turkey. While it costs much less! However, if you do not have insurance, you may end up with a huge bill. So you’d better get yourself travel insurance before entering Turkey. It will save you plenty of nerves and if something will go wrong it will save you a solid bunch of money.

If you decide to purchase property in Turkey you will be obliged to get health insurance to obtain a residence permit. The insurance has to be issued according to the desired duration of the residence permit – for one year or two. This is not a requirement for children under 18 and seniors over 65 only.

After obtaining Turkish citizenship it will be possible to obtain state health insurance for all family members at once, including elderly parents.

Every foreign citizen has the right to choose an insurance company. There are plenty of them in Turkey.

Choose wisely:
– check the prices,
– what does it cover, which services can you use;
– the list of treatment centers.

The difference between private and public clinics is mainly in the facilities of the rooms. Obviously, private clinics have more comfortable rooms and there are mostly private rooms. As for doctors, quite often governmental hospitals have more qualified staff and more honest bills.

But it’s like everywhere if you have an emergency all you care about is time if you’re looking for treatment you need to get into reading the reviews.

Each town and each neighborhood in Turkey has a polyclinic with a family doctor and nurses. Each city has a large public hospital and at least one private.

What should you If you need medication while on holiday in Turkey?

From our personal experience: If you have a staying permit (you obviously have insurance) you can use the government polyclinics and hospitals for free or with very reasonable money.

Governmental hospitals. Over the years we had:
– free blood checks in local polyclinic (biochemical analysis),
– free emergency hospitalization,
– free vaccination,
– expensive immunotherapy with really funny money (allergy treatment).

As for private hospitals:
– here you can make a CT scan for very reasonable money on the day of your request,
– denture from 2,000 Turkish liras all-inclusive,
– teeth cleaning and whitening about 500 Turkish liras,
– ophthalmological treatment 125 Turkish Liras (350 TL without insurance).

As you can see, medicine in Turkey is quite developed and well priced (just be sure to have insurance).

I bet you wonder what can you cure in Turkey cheaper than in your country. Here is a list of International Social Research Office Marketing.

The most developed areas of medical tourism in Turkey:

– Cosmetic surgery (breast, face, liposuction);
– Dentistry (cosmetology and reconstruction);
– Cardiology / cardiac surgery (bypass, valve replacement);
– Orthopedic surgery (hip replacement, resurfacing, knee replacement, joint surgery);
– Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, gastric band);
– Fertility / reproductive system (IVF, and even gender reassignment);
– Transplantation of organs, stem cells;
– Eye surgery;
– Hair transplantation.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Get insured.


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