Can a foreigner buy property in Turkey?

Of course! When you choose to invest in real estate in Turkey with TPC, you may rest assured, as our team of professionals will make every effort to ensure a smooth and hitch-free purchase procedure. On top of providing a high-quality support for our customers at every stage of the buying process, we offer a comprehensive after-sales service to make your purchase a real home for you.

What documents do I need to buy a property in Turkey?

To buy a property in Turkey you need a passport and two photos measuring 3cm b 4cm.

What is TAPU?

TAPU (Title Deed)– is a document confirming the ownership of the property in Turkey. Your document number one, shows that you own the property! It contains the physical address of the property, its type, condition, declared value and a cadastral number.

How do I obtain TAPU

Unless you appoint a Power of Attorney, you will need to be present when notified that your title deed is ready for collection. At this stage all payments including taxes must be completed. Both the seller and the buyer meet at the TAPU office at the appointed time, where the official transfer of the title deed (TAPU) takes place in presence of a licensed translator.

What is ISKAN?

ISKAN – is a technical passport of the property. This document contains full information on the property: building description, indoor infrastructure and apartment description.

How does the process of purchasing a property look like?

1. A seller and a buyer sign a sale/purchase contract.
2. The foreign buyer obtains the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number), opens a bank account and registers the property.
3. The foreign buyer translates the passport into Turkish and has it notarized.

4.The buyer submits the documents to Cadastral Registry Office. The procedure of registration normally takes only 3-5 working days.
5. The buyer gets TAPU. Congratulations! You are a proud owner of a property in Turkey!

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