Daily Rental in Belek

Daily Rental in Belek

The concept of daily rental in Belek is a shining economy for the Antalya region like all over the world. Due to the warm and temperate climate, daily rental demands in our region are very intense for four months, moderate for four months and low for the other winter four months. The concept of daily rental is now creating a new investment model. The need for a daily rental house emerged with the demand for urgent accommodation, high hotel prices, timely and unplanned trips and the need for alternative accommodation. There is an explosion in daily rental houses in Belek close to golf courses, sports facilities, beaches, airports and fairgrounds This unexpected demand caused new regulations and certain procedures to be followed in short-term rented houses emerged.


At first, some concepts need to be explained. The term short-term rental tab is not clearly defined in the regulations, but it is left to the decision-making authority of the police that controls it. We recommend that all leases less than 6 months with our own experience should be considered as short term. All these new regulations started with the obligation of the security to check the short term accommodation. Because Turkey is intense immigration from neighboring countries in recent years.

How you do leave your ID at the reception counter in a hotel and your identity is reported to the police when you check-in and if you have a history scan about you, it is necessary to repeat the same process in short-term house rentals. You need a technical infrastructure to report this to the police. To do so, you need an internet connection with static IP and a record before you start renting in safety. Then, during each check-out, you are required to enter the ID/passport and information of the people staying in the system. If you don’t do this, you will have to pay a penalty of 15,000 TL per person for each unregistered guest during a police check.

The second situation appears from the tax office as an extension of this situation. You would appreciate that you get your winnings when you have to land in Turkey you should pay a tax to the government. In the absence of police control, the tax office could not keep track of home rentals, so it was difficult to determine the taxes of the leases. In general, the landlords rented out the legal system. But with the start of this application, you are reporting a short-term rental in your home, you are under the follow-up of tax inspectors from the same system. Therefore, you must fulfill your obligation to issue invoices within 7 days after each rental. For this, you have to establish at least one proprietorship. Under these conditions, it is economically meaningless that the owners who own one or two houses make a short-term rental. Obtaining static, establishing a private company and entering regular lawyer and accountant expenses, presenting tax reports and paying taxes make commercially meaningless to do this in this dimension.


As TPC, we thought about how we should serve YOU in this system. We have developed a scenario for this.

For our customers who want to make daily rental in Belek operation;

  • At the beginning of the year, 12 separate rental contract cards for each month will be prepared and signed by the customer and left to TPC Office.
  • 1,000 TL will be paid to TPC for the management of matters such as accounting – police entrances.
  • 1,000 TL will be paid to TPC for taxes that will arise during the year.
  • Renting for each month (if any day of the month rented within the period) 150 TL / month arises from the withholding tax for the host will pay TPC.
  • The landlord will notify TPC in case he has relatives or friends coming to his house or he will be responsible for the penalty that may arise if he does not.


If you want to benefit from these services, you can visit TPC Office, or website and get detailed information from our portfolio manager friends.

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