Daily Rental in Belek

Daily Rental in Belek with TPC

Like at any developed resort, the concept of daily rentals in Belek is a very profitable investment option. Due to the wonderful climate and great location, Belek hosts tourist season for the whole 12 months. The daily rental demands in our region: very intense for four months (July to September), moderate for four months (October-November and April-May) and low for the other four months (December-March). The daily rentals are a great alternative to the hotel accommodation, the number of people who prefer independent trips and self-catering constantly increasing. Besides, nowadays the rentals are safe and easy thanks to the international rental websites.
The increase in the necessity of daily rental options in Belek explained by its proximity to Antalya International Airport, to golf courses, sports facilities, beaches, and The Land of Legends Theme park, not to mention all the antique cities, forest trail and so on. Naturally, the increase in demand caused new regulations and certain procedures to be followed. TPC will guide you through all those nuances easily and smoothly.


● Only registered Real Estate Agents can do Short Term Rentals. If you would like to work with a Real Estate Agent (TPC we believe☺)

● Registered Real Estate Agents should get a Static IP from their internet provider for their offices.

● Then they need to go to the nearest Police Station and provide all required documents and get the username and password for the ‘Police Identity Registration Software’.

● The next step is to enter all properties in their SHORT TERM RENTAL portfolio to the software with the exact address and address codes.

● Whenever guests would like to check in to any property listed in the software, Real Estate agent is responsible to enter all guests’ passport details to the software and check them out when they leave.

● If the property is registered in the software and during a Police control unregistered guests are found in the property Real Estate agents pays 15.000 TL fine per day and blacklisted by Police.

● If the property is not registered in the system and Police finds out the guests in the property, the owner pays 15.000 TL fine per day.

● Example: The guests are staying 10 days the fine is 15.000 TL x 10 days=150.000 TL

What if I do not register my property?

Last year several occasions Police checked all Rental properties and fined several real-estate agents/owners who did not comply with the regulations.

Ok, we got the idea now what?

The main goal of the document is not to scare you off, but to inform you and protect your businesses.

We had meetings with our Lawyer and Accountant, and we came up with the most feasible solution.

Let’s see an example:

Mr. Black (The owner of the Property)

TPC Real estates (Long Term Tenant)

The Guests (Short Term Clients)

Mr. Black signs a long-term rental contract with TPC which allows TPC to sublet the property so TPC can let the property to Short Term Clients.

The Benefits for Mr. Black:

● Since TPC is a registered LTD company we pay the income tax upfront, not the owner.

● TPC is already a registered Real Estate who has Police software access.

● Legally TPC is fully responsible for each client’s registration and file handling.

● Police share the Guest Data with the Tax office so upon arrival for each client’s official Tax Receipt will be issued by TPC.

● That does not mean that we will rent out your property in practice, you can keep on marketing your own property and get the full income for yourself. What we offer is to help you to run your business according to the new legislation without any headache.

Cost of this Service:

● 2000 TL for one property for 1 year.

● We expect you to pay upfront and sign the rental contract with

What if I want to do all by myself?

● You need to start a Sole or LTD Company in Turkey.

● The rest is the same as above.

As TPC we are managing 100+ properties in our region. Our strong legal representative and accountant team constantly following the government updates. With extended experience and technical abilities, we will make your home in Turkey work for you.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detail if you still have any questions.

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