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Activities in Belek

Activities In Belek [TOP 25]

Belek is a small place, it seems very quiet and slow. But, actually, all activities in Belek just in 25 steps from you. Where to go to Belek? 1.Golf in Belek. There are the best activities in Belek. Ideal golf destination in Belek; 🔹Great climate with up to 300 days of sun per year makes…

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What is Belek?

Belek is a small town next to Antalya. In 80’s the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey decided to turn this area into a new touristic center. Since those times Belek became a golf destination number one in Europe and it has the yearly amount of visitors (golf-, beach-, eco-tourism, etc.) about 1.700.000 persons. Other than…

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The Ultimate Guide for Buying Property in Turkey

The process of buying property in Turkey is quite easy and simple. You want to make a big move and purchase your home in sunny Turkey, where should you start?Firstly, the whole buying procedure takes just 5 steps: Legal Process Of Buying Property in Turkey 1. Sign the sales contract between the seller and the buyer. Get an agreement about the…

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