The Ultimate Guide for Buying Property in Turkey

The process of buying property in Turkey is quite easy and simple. You want to make a big move and purchase your home in sunny Turkey, where should you start?
Firstly, the whole buying procedure takes just 5 steps:

Legal Process Of Buying Property in Turkey

1. Sign the sales contract between the seller and the buyer.

Get an agreement about the price, the payment plan, what is included, what’s excluded, etc. The more detailed agreement you’ll have, the more comfortable you will feel yourself.

2. The foreigners need to get the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number).

It’s literally 2 minutes job. You just go to the Tax office, fill the form, show your passport and get the TIN!

3. The foreigners need to translate their passports to Turkish and assure it at the notary.

Normally each Notary has a list of licensed translators for all possible languages.

4. Submit the documents to Cadastral Registry Office.

Unless you appoint a Power of Attorney, you will need to be present to apply for title deed transfer. The procedure of registration normally takes about 3-5 working days.

5. Get the TAPU (Title Deed) 

After getting permits from the State Registration Chamber you’ve got your certificate of ownership in the presence of the licensed translator. At this point, the full settlement between buyer and seller must be done and all taxes and state duties should be paid.

Now you can transfer water and electricity subscription to your name.

That’s it! But… before you enter the first step, you have to get prepared…

Why buy a property in Belek/Antalya?

First of all, you have to select a location.
We’ve chosen Belek because:

✅It is close to the third biggest international airport in Turkey,
✅It is a very quiet place but close to the city center with all its facilities,
✅It has a great nature (we are close to the sea and town is surrounded by national nature preservations areas),
✅Our tourism season is round year open,
✅Our region is constantly growing and has big investment potential,
✅Belek is turning into a sport and attraction center of Turkey: golf, aqua-park and theme park, sports tournaments, water sports, cycling and hiking, winter national teams camp, etc,
✅Multicultural society,
✅Belek is close to several ancient cities, caves, waterfalls, mountains and so on…

How can I choose the right real estate agent?

Please do the research! Please read the reviews! 
The time which the company works in the market is not a guarantee that the company is clean. Compare the agents, talk to them, explain your needs, get the idea which services they provide, be sure that they have an after-sales service and clients support. For instance, we have strong after-sales care. You can ask us about anything and we will give you full information and assist you as much as we can. I may tell you a thousand times how great TPC is but you better hear our clients reviews.  And you are always welcome to our office.

How to choose the right property in Turkey?

Now, when you are comfortable with your agent, it is time to choose your property
Be sure that for your budget you have the best option. Go into details.
You will face the following questions:

⚠️How long do you plan to live in it during the year?
⚠️Are you planning to rent it out while you are away?
⚠️How much the maintenance will cost you per year?
⚠️Are you buying cash or need a mortgage?

Look at the quality, bargain or ask for an extra favor, double-check the location and get the idea about neighbors… it is boring but “has to be done” part of buying a home.

🔹For example, it is important for me to have a pool in the complex, to be close to supermarkets, to be not on the first line to the sea (easier to control kids and less crowded around), to have a good school and good hospital in a short distance away. But you may have your preferences so choose wisely. 

If you can not come to Turkey but about to make a decision you may ask for an online tour. This is what I do with my clients. I am going to the location with my phone and we are having an online conference: I show them a house, surroundings, answer the questions and so on. But of course, better come and see it yourself. 🙂

Do I need a lawyer to purchase a home in Turkey?

Here we came to a very important point – documentation

You don’t have to have a lawyer to buying property in Turkey, I know many people who had happily purchased the property here with no lawyer expenditures, include our precious mister Sam Davies. But of course, you better get a lawyer for yourself or be sure that all the papers are done clear, clean and transparent.

What is Iskan?

⚠️ Never ever buy a property without ISKAN! 
ISKAN – is a technical passport of the property. This is a document which contains full information about the property: full building description – number of floors, number of apartments, indoor infrastructure such (shops, sport salon, sauna and so on), full apartment description: square meters, floor number and so on. It has to be arranged properly by a construction company so you could have a private subscription for the water and electricity.​

If you are buying property in Turkey without ISKAN it is the same as if you are driving without the license. You can do it physically, but legally you are doing it until the first contact with the law.
And please never listen when someone tells you the opposite.

Ask if the property already has permission for foreigners to buy. We are doing this permission for our developments. But if there is no this paper then the process of buying could be pulled up to 3-4 month. It only means delay and you can always leave the power of attorney to your lawyer or agent to complete the purchase for you. So you don’t have to stay the whole time in Turkey or go and come back.

And the final move – last signature in the Deed Office. As soon as you’ve got your TAPU, you are the one and only owner of your property.

There is nothing difficult or complicated. And if you stick with us we will assist you to decorate your house, to do all the subscriptions, to arrange your staying permit, etc.
But you have to remember one thing: don’t be shy or lazy to go into the details. Be sure about what are you purchasing and who do you trust.

Enjoy your new home!

Cheers 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️

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