After Buying a house in Turkey

After Buying A House In Antalya | TPC Aftersale Services

After buying a house in Antalya, TPC with you.  As a TPC Real Estates, we are not just selling you a property, we are providing you a certain lifestyle. So our job doesn’t end with the last signature in the Kadastro registration office. We have to be sure that you are fully settled and Turkey became your new home.


First things first: we are helping you to transfer water and electricity subscription to your name. It is an absolutely FREE service, you are only paying the required fees for the water and electricity offices but nothing to us.

And if we are helping you to connect TV channels, Wi-Fi, Solar water, etc. You are paying directly to the service providers, nothing to TPC, this is our courtesy to you for choosing us.


We are working in collaboration with the IKEA interior designer department. Our architect can send them the layout of your home and they will send us back several options for different costs. Also, we will advise you about the most popular furniture and house decor shops, about the choice of materials for the refurbishments and renovation (if it is required) and we will assist you in establishing your home at each step of your way. This is FREE, we don’t get the commissions from the shops, you are paying only your bills.

For refurbishments and renovations, you should book an appointment with our architect. You can describe to him all your wishes, desires, and expectations. And he will more or less tell you the expected budget. This consultancy is also FREE.


TPC as a company was started as a property management company. So we are good at it!

Please don’t confuse property management and property maintenance.

Property management which will be paid by the monthly management fee includes gardening, pool maintenance, keeping the lighting of the site in good condition, watching the site’s financial balance, and cleaning the staircases in the apartment buildings. Maintaining the property – cleaning and airing the house, representing you at the annual owners’ meetings if you are away. Maintaining your property is a subject that you need to discuss with us separately.


If you want to spend a long time in your new home, you need to apply for staying permission (IKAMET). Or if you are eligible to get citizenship – we can help you. We have a man who can run with you through all the governmental procedures at a very reasonable fee (upon request)


We can make your property work for you by renting it out. Daily rentals are very popular in the Antalya region, especially in the summertime, and can be really profitable for you!
For you and your guests, we can organize a key handover (check-in/check-out), cleaning, airport transfers, car rental, private tours, etc.


Whether you choose to buy or rent a car, get a bike, or motorcycle the TPC team will guide you for the best options.

We are working in partnership with a reliable transport company which sorting out all our transfers and shuttle services. If you prefer public transportation, we can help you with figuring out the directions.


You mainly want to use the lawyer’s advice for purchasing a property in Turkey for a secure deal. But you’ll never know when you might need a good lawyer in your life. As well as a sworn translator.
We have a list of reliable independent lawyers and translators for your secure and relaxed life in Turkey.

TPC team make it sure that you will feel yourself home in Turkey!

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